Time Together

When a beautiful (inside and out) mother of three amazing young women contacts me to help capture their brief time together as a family, I am very honored.

Home from college.  All together.  Sharing laughter.

It is hard not to laugh when this beauty is running around sharing her happiness with all.

It is always the little moments within the time spent together that will linger on through the years.

Hanging ornaments.

Talking.  Listening. And laughing, of course.

It was such an honor to be able to capture some of your moments together for you. Please find the rest of your online album here.


Moments Make the Day Magic

At the wedding of Lexi and Rex, there was plenty to celebrate.

It was the most perfectly beautiful fall day.

Lexi’s dress was amazing.

Her flowers were so lovely.

The ladies were wonderful.

Rex and the gentlemen.  Handsome as they waited for the day to unfold.

The most special parts of the day were found in quick moments that would leave lasting memories.

The quiet moments before…

The significant moments during the ceremony at St. Mark

A final word to her father.

…and this moment right after. This one was very special.

What an amazing day!

An oh there were plenty of moments at the reception at Riverside as well. This on makes me smile. The ladies! Here’s the bouquet toss –

As the ladies went for the catch.

Congratulations Lexi and Rex!

Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful day with you. Please find the rest of your online album here.


For the Love of Horse

I always consider myself so fortunate to be able to see our young people from time-to-time when new pictures are needed and I think it’s especially perfect when the person happens to be a young lady with a love for horses similar to my own love for them.

It’s also especially wonderful to think that I first met her when she was very new to life some time ago and to see the truth behind what 14 years is. It is growing up. It is a reflection of kindness. It is beauty.

It is also the result of two wonderful people.

Thank you for sharing your time and your beautiful daughter with me. It is always my pleasure to see you.  Please find the rest of your session photos here.


When the Sky Dances at Your Wedding

The wedding of Roberta and Eric was breathtaking!  This is true because of the gorgeous details, the wonderful people, and the beautiful couple who were married that day.  It is also true because the sky decided to paint the day with dark rolling stormy clouds and also with a vibrant, bright sunset, in a moving splendor – a dance made up of clouds and sun rays.

The day began in a quaint salon where Roberta was getting ready.

Their wedding was to take place in an open field under the shade of a tree with flowers of vibrant colors and a curtain of clouds.

She was hidden away under a canopy while last minute preparations took place.

Soon, the ladies were ready.

The gentlemen were ready on cue.

Right before the guests arrived, the sky presented us with some rain and even a bit of lightening. As if on schedule, it stopped just perfectly long enough for the guests to arrive, the ceremony to be held, and the photos to be taken.

The ceremony was perfect and the tree seemed to stand tall and proud.

Almost the entire wedding party was photographed. (The one exception was captured in a moment of escape).

Eric and Roberta had the most spectacular arrangements of sky throughout the day.

And right in the middle of everything, this happened…

And within seconds, there was rain.

Then, moments after that, sun and rain mixed!

Congratulations, Roberta and Eric! You truly had the most beautiful weather I could have imagined. It was a true honor to be a part of your day. Please find the rest of your online album here.


When Cowboys/girls Get Married

When cowgirls and boys get married, there are so many wonderful symbols and meaningful aspects of their day.  The list is long and includes first, love.

With family and friends who have tamed wild horses together, spent long days competing in rodeos, and spent a great deal of time celebrating wins and losses, they find the perfect location for their event.

And that place, hidden deep in the woods down a long, long dirt path, is where I found Lindsey on this particular morning before her wedding.

Her dress made of lace was hanging in a small cabin waiting for the sun to arrive.

Boots were lined up waiting to dance.

The rings ready for fingers.

Flowers were picked especially for the day.

Hats were lined up at seats, waiting for the gentlemen who would wear them.

Dresses were hanging on the porch.

Lindsey and her ladies prepared for the day inside a small log cabin on a hill in the woods overlooking a pond.

Soon, Lindsey was ready.

Meanwhile, the cowboys were preparing for the day.

Troy was ready.

We waited a few extra minutes for the rain to stop. Then, it was time.

Under a covered bridge, the vows were spoken.

And we were swept away in true style for some quiet moments before the party began.

The sun smiled on us for a while.

Then, the sky offered us an amazing display of clouds.

So, we headed quickly back to shelter.

And the sun returned.

Before long, we headed off to the reception to celebrate the day.

The reception was kicked off with a branding ceremony.

It was special with Lindsey and Troy’s official brand. T. L. Heart. Love.

And the celebrating began.

At the end of the night, I observed a special moment between father and son. They showed to me some special things they shared – both material and memory. Here’s a look at those things. You’ll see the family rodeo chaps with their brand. You’ll see the rodeo saddles. And if you look closely, you’ll see the scars on their hands that represent a life fully and completely lived.

So, Lindsey and Troy. It was my complete pleasure to photograph your wedding. I am looking forward to one day hearing the stories of your journey from here on. Please find the rest of your online album here.


A Lakeside Celebration

Kim and Tim decided to hold an intimate event to celebrate their recent marriage.  The celebration would include the details of their lives that they cherish – family, friends, nature, and foods fresh from their farms.

The celebration took place on a bluff overlooking the lake while the sun lingered on into the evening sky.  Every detail was perfection.

Here are the highlights.

Congratulations to you both, Kim and Tim! Also to your wonderful family and friends.  It was such a pleasure to be able to capture the special moments and details of your beautiful celebration. Please find the rest of your online images here.


Endless Sunlight for a Wedding

The wedding of Shannon and Spenser took place on one of those perfect summer days with never ending sunshine to highlight the love and celebration they shared.

Here is a look at some highlights from their day.

Thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day and celebration at the Dowagiac Conservation Club. Please find the rest of your online album here (Note: at the time of my posting this, they were uploading – so check back more than once).


A Sneak Peek

I have been taking more pictures than typical at recent weddings and processing them has been taking me a bit longer than I like.  I’m catching up fast though.

With that said, here is a peek at the beginning of a beautiful wedding.  It is just a hint at what’s to come.  For you, Shannon.

More pictures are coming very soon.


Senior in the Sun

I’m always honored when one of the young people in my world wants me to photograph a senior picture session.

In thinking back, I’m pretty sure I met this beautiful and extremely talented young lady while she was holding a chicken.

I have seen her teach young people anatomy and I have seen her win trophies for her knowledge and her skills. She’s able to soothe an upset turkey to the point of falling asleep in her arms.  Her pup adores her and sits as well as stays when asked for as long as asked.

She is a teen leader and an inspiration to many young people who look up to her for guidance.

She has a way with animals for certain and she can bend the strings of a cello to fill the air with the most beautiful sounds.

Talented – that is no doubt. Beautiful, no question.

Congratulations, Lacey, on your senior year.  Your talents have helped me out many times!  Please find the rest of your online album here.

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Quiet in the Country

My wedding this past Saturday consisted of these two wonderful people.  But before I get to their wedding pictures, I should probably post a look at their recent engagement session.

I truly adore them and their families.  Lindsey and Troy are true from the heart country cowgirl and cowboy (as in – he’s got “rodeo riding” in his resume). They are talented with animals and enjoy nature, so this location fits perfectly, like a good pair of boots.

This place they chose to be married in is special – in oh so many ways.  Special in the romantic, meaning-filled way.  And “special” in the manner that it’s extremely unique.  A hidden world deep in the woods.

Soon, there will be another post with the most beautiful wedding held here.  I am so very thrilled to have been a part of it all.  Thank you Lindsey and Troy.

Find the rest of your online album here.


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